New Addition.

14 Jan

No, I am NOT pregnant.

Or, rather, if I were it would be a very old fetus…say around 2.

We got an emergency call last night to foster a 2 year old little boy who’s mother had left him outside on the street in a stroller at 10 p.m. at night while she went into a store (or a bar…never quite got that figured out). It was after 1 when I picked him up and after 2 when he finally fell asleep.

We’ve been “official” foster parents for over a year now and have only had a few calls and a teenager for one night. This is the first experience I’ve had with being there while they take a toddler away from his mother. I did not like it one bit….in fact I almost cried with him.

He’s done great today…he has some issues (what toddler doesn’t?) but he’s taken a nap and is full of energy. To suddenly go from 2 children to 3 children (two of whom are the same age and will probably get mistaken for twins) is strange…I’m sure we’ll manage, but it’s strange!

But for now he’s a sweet boy who got the short end of the stick…so while he’s here we’ll do everything in our power to try to make things a little more normal.

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