28 Jan

The next time your phone line dies and the phone company says it will be fixed by 6 p.m. the next day? Don’t believe them.

Our phones were down off and on until today, and I’m still having some issues. My internet doesn’t seem to be working quite properly, so I’m going to hang with it until tomorrow and then, possibly, call the phone company back. We’ll see how much they love THAT LOL.

Things here have been as normal, with one exception. DCF asked me if Scott and I had considered taking FT for an extended period of time. I told her that we hadn’t seriously discussed it yet, we were going day by day. Her response? “Discuss it.”

So we’ve discussed it, and I’m not going to say that the idea of working with him on his developmental delay isn’t a bit scary. Hell, thinking about if he’ll catch up in six months or not is extremely scary: what if he doesn’t?

But NONE of this is his fault, and I have to keep reminding myself of it. It’s a bit easier to remember when we have a visitation and his mother brings Bug Juice (basically extremely sugary kool-aid), Fritos and about 9 Starburst…what IS that?! It was nap time and she’s sugaring him up?! No wonder he wants to visit…I know it’s his mom and he wants to visit her for that reason, but the sugar is a big bonus for him.

So FT is here to stay for awhile, I guess…I still haven’t talked to his caseworker to assure that he IS going to remain in custody for awhile. And that means that all the readjusting we’ve been doing is now going to have to be done on a more permanent basis.

FT’s got a speech therapist coming on Wed for an evaluation, and I’m sure we’ll know a lot more then, but for now I’m trying to keep taking it one day at a time, and giving him what he needs. (Which does NOT include Starburst)


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