And the day approacheth…

12 Feb

A scant 48 hours and it’s the day that’s either great, or a nightmare, depending on your circumstances.


For most this is a day filled with flowers or chocolates. For others it’s a day that points out in big bold letters that you’re alone. If you’re working in an office and flowers arrive for your co-worker, you think “why don’t I have anyone to send flowers to me?” If you’re watching on the news and you see how some man has made a grand gesture by buying a blimp to ask his girlfriend to marry him, you think “why not me?!”

If you’re IN a relationship that has staled, Valentine’s day only serves to remind you of how good things used to be. How he used to hold your hand when you walked into a store, and open the car door for you on a date. Hell, how you used to DATE.

I used to have serious problems with Valentine’s day, always thinking that my husband wouldn’t do anything, or that what he did do wouldn’t be enough.

A few weeks ago I mentioned Valentine’s day and Scott said, “why is it always about the woman?”

….damn….hubby made an intelligent point!

Why IS Valentine’s day mainly about making men proove how much they love their woman? And then I felt ashamed, as I realized that last year I didn’t buy my husband anything for Valentine’s day, that I was too busy worrying that HE wouldn’t do anything for ME. Sure, I made him his favorite dinner, but I did nothing else.

My husband is one of the greatest men I’ve ever known (not to sound sappy). He not only helps to take care of the children and the house, but he’s always there for me to bitch too, or to cry on. He sits through my moods and waits for them to pass, and he never once has pulled away, emotionally or physically. He has gone through major things, including the loss of both his parents and issues with his biological mother. And yet, all that time, I can only remember twice that I have seen him cry, and that was at the birth of both our children. He selflessly helps me through my problems, and never once asks for help through his, but he knows I’m there for him if he needs me.

Scott, I count myself lucky that I ever met you, let alone had the privelege of marrying you and having your children. Men like you don’t come around often. And THIS year, I’m going to make sure to show you how much I care, and how wonderful you are.


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