Snow On!

14 Feb

I’ve been giggling the entire week about New York’s huge snowstorm.

The laugh, it seems, is on Mother Nature.

We just got nailed, and I mean our backs against the wall, with TONS of snow! We’ve shoveled the driveway twice and hubby’s got to climb on the roof to make sure that the roof doesn’t cave in…ack LOL.

He sent me some beautiful flowers for Valentine’s day. Three cream roses, a blue rose, a yellow rose and a lavender rose. They are truly beautiful. Then he said that he had set up for me to go to the beauty salon on Sat. morning at 10:30 for a highlight and cut.

Two problems.

1. I do not want just a highlight and cut this time, it’s been six months since I went so I want a full color, highlight and cut.

2. He set it up for a brand new person at the salon I go to. And she’s really, really young…like 18.

Yeah, I hear you groaning ladies.

He meant well, but there’s no way I’m heading to a new person for a color, highlight AND cut, especially since I love to sit in the chair and say “just do whatever.” Uh huh. So I’ve got to call them and reschedule.

And how was YOUR Valentine’s day?!

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