19 Feb

It’s pretty sad when the biggest news of the day is that Britney Spears finally fell off her rocker and shaved her head. But, just for the record, I do have to say that she’s finally lost it (look at this picture and tell me that she doesn’t look JUST a little bit crazed).
It did spark an interesting conversation at work Saturday night though. I asked all my co-workers how much money it would take before they would consider shaving their head. A, who’s 20 or so and has a full head of georgous black hair, said:
“Maybe I’d think about it at 50,000. I’d DEFINITELY think about it at 100,000.”
S, a heavy-set, extremely nice/shy girl who doesn’t have a lot of hair, said:
“Not even for a million. My head is too fat…you’d see rolls.”
T, J and I all agreed that we’d do it for a grand. “It’s just hair”, J said, “It’d grow back.”
So then I asked how much it would take to get my compatriots to give up TV for a month. A and S both said that although they wouldn’t give up their hair for a million, they’d give up TV for less then a grand.
Then the big question: how much would it take for you to be without your significant other for a month.
S, who’s been with her fiance for 5 years and is to be married in June, said she couldn’t do it.
“Wait…I could still call him, right?”
“No contact.” I said.
“….but I could call his mother and make sure he’s alright, right?!”
“What part of ‘no contact’ do you not understand?” I laughed.
She thought for a few minutes and then turned the tables on me.
“Alright, how much would it take for YOU to be without your husband and kids for a month?!”
“Not fair,” I fired back. “There is no amount of money that I would accept to be without my kids for a month.
“Fine, then, how much would it take for you to be without your husband for a month.”
“Well, given that I would have full care of the kids, 24/7, and would have to stay home from work because he watches them when I’m at work, it’s have to be around 50,000.” (I re-thought this later and agreed with my sister-in-law that I’d probably do it for 10,000)
“Only 50,000!” she said, shocked.
“But if it was before I had the kids? Probably a few grand would do it.” I replied.
And then she thought…and thought…and ten minutes later opened her mouth again. “Nope, I couldn’t do it. Not even for a few million. I could NOT be without him for a month.”
No offense to S, for she really is a sweetheart, but I seriously, seriously doubt that her fiance would say the same.
So how about you? How much would it take for YOU to be without your significant other for a month?
Edited to add: Scott saw this post and really wanted to make his feelings known about Britney’s latest actions. “I think she needs to have her vagina filled with cement. Why doesn’t she be a mother instead of a little whiney brat?”

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