Good times…good times

1 Mar

Yesterday was a day of…perfection!

Seriously, these days don’t come along too often, and I’m kind of scared wondering what type of backlash is going to happen because of it.

First I was able to go to the studio and play around with the morning dj and some of my old friends up there for an hour and a half, eventually making the dj put one of my daughter’s tiara’s on!

Then I came home and made corn dogs – gotta love ’em! – and experimented dipping pepperoni wrapped in cheese into the mixture and frying it. They were good! I made a new snack food!

Work called after lunch and said that it wasn’t busy enough to warrant me coming in, and that I could just stay home…YES! This was perfect becase I had a hair appointment that I was worried was going to run into my work time, but it took two weeks to get so I was NOT changing it.

Then I came home after two hours at the beauty salon, feeling much more attractive with a new hairstyle, new color, highlights and my eyebrows waxed (OUCH!) and spent an enjoyable evening with the kids having supper and watching Monster’s Inc. while I crocheted the baby blanket I’ve been working on.

I spiraled down by watching Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader with hubby and was able to feel superior because I KNEW the answers! Yes!

Today, however, I found out that the show is rigged. Check it out.

And so far work hasn’t called telling me not to come in, so I do have to go in tonight. But I did go to the store and get some essentials as well as an apron…hallalujah! I am sick of ruining all my shirts when I’m cooking. I have learned my lesson! Aprons are not just for grandmothers!

So all-in-all it’s been a great couple of days. What happens as a result of this? God only knows…something bad, I’m sure. You can’t have yin with out the yan.


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