The Rebuttal

7 Mar

I guess now it’s time to rebuttal some of the…umm…rebuts (is that how you say that?) about the breast/bottle debate we’ve got going on here. Alright…I’d best roll up my sleeves because this is going to be a doozy!

I am definitely in the “if the kid is old enough to ask for it, they’re too old to have it” camp. After a certain age, when they start to be little people, it’s just creepy. –Finn

I happen to agree with you fully Finn! The phrase “little people” just cracks me up!

Randi I’m with you on this one 210%. I get BFing a kid when they’re a baby, but once they can ask for it and they have TEETH? No way no how. And there’s something sick about BF a child old enough to ride a bike and be potty trained. EWEWEWEWEW
What are these kids going to think when this comes up as adults?
Personally I’d be completely grossed out to find out that my husband was sucking on his moms nunners until age FIVE!!!!! –Meg

HA! Of course this little discussion caused Meg and I to e-mail each other and realize that both of our husbands had no “nunners” and that they’re both breast men. Methinks we’ve found a connection!

I agree that I don’t need to see your boobs, ladies. No one does, at least not in Walmart. Breastfeed your little hearts out in public, just cover yourself with a blanket, please. I imagine it would piss you off mightily if Pamela Anderson went shopping at your Walmart topless. And don’t tell me it’s not the same. A breast is a breast. –Finn (again!)

She has a point ladies.

It is possible to nurse discreetly WITHOUT a blanket. The careful arrangement of one’s body, baby, and clothing makes this possible. –Susan

Absolutely it’s possible, and I have seen it done and been impressed. I guess I was misunderstood…a blanket isn’t a necessity, but keeping your “nunners” hidden from my eyes, is.

And now, to my personal favorite of the week – Tortuguita! Tortuguita has been very vocal about her opinions, which is great, but some of the things she’s been saying really don’t make much sense. Observe:

Your children might be perfectly healthy and they might be intelligent but imagine how much smarter and healthier they would be if they were given the start that they deserved?

I don’t think I’d want to deal with my children if they were any more intelligent or healthier…they’d be little super kids! (I’m not trying to brag, honestly, but my son could have skipped kindergarten if we wanted and headed right to first…it’s scary, I still haven’t figured out where the brains came from!)

You don’t believe that formula harms children? Too bad. That’s a fact. Most people won’t say it quite so bluntly but it’s true. If you can’t deal with that, then that’s your own problem but that doesn’t make it any less real.

Really? Damn…I must’ve missed that in all the research I did when I was trying to decide if I should beast feed or bottle feed…wait a tic, I can’t find any research proving that to be true at all! For a woman who tried to call me out on MY lack of research, hers seems to be mysteriously missing…hmmm…

If you feel guilty about not giving your children the best start they could have then that’s one thing. But trying to deny an ubiquitously renowned scientific FACT is incredibly absurd.

It’s not a debate. Breast is best. Period.

I’m sorry, I’m pondering a moment to decide if I’ve ever felt guilty that I never breast fed…hang on a tic while I wake up my conscience from her hibernation and see how she feels.

Nope! No problem there! I’ve honestly tried to live my life with no regrets, or, rather, with as few regrets as possible. Because of that I tend to take any decision I make (from losing my virginity to whether to circumcise our son or not) pretty seriously. And I can honestly say that I have never once felt guilty for not breast feeding my two children. They are both happy and extremely intelligent (too much so in some instances…when your 2 year old gets mistaken for a 4 year old you’re in trouble.). I made the decision I made based on what was best for the entire family, including the babies.

Breast feeding does not automatically prove that you’re a wonderful mother or that you’re giving your child the best start in life. FT was breastfed (according to his mother) and when he came to us could hardly do anything a child his age should be able to do. He also is plagued with ear infections and has tubes in his ears because of them. So, I’m sorry, but I’ve disproved your theory that breast is always best. A mother who cares about her child and gives them everything they need, including love, attention, education and boundaries, is best. Breast feeding means nothing when you ignore those necessities.

Oh, and three points on spelling the word ubiquitously correct. But you used it incorrectly: it should be A ubiquitously renowned scientific FACT, not an. Apparently you weren’t breastfed.


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