Moving On

8 Mar

Well, it seems that even those who don’t have children can get in on the bottle/breast debate!

I’ve been reminded by the previous few posts of the reason I started this blog. It was not only to post about how I feel about my family and friends, but also about how I feel about the world.

The world is fucked up. That’s it, in a nutshell.

You’ve got parents whining that their children aren’t paying attention or listening to them on Supernanny (I LOVE JO FROST…more on that later). Yet they give their children everything they desire and give up after 2 minutes of arguing with a child. Here’s a hint…a toddler is a toddler…they’re argumentative on a daily basis. And trust me on this, you will NOT win an argument with a toddler. They don’t understand reasoning the same way we do. They are KIDS, you are the PARENT, act like it!

I truly feel that one of the main reasons teens and pre-teens (having sex under 15 is just WRONG! I can understand from 16-18 (I don’t have to like it, but I understand it) but NO child should be having sex under 15!) act up and disobey, lying and doing drugs and other bad things. There’s no respect anymore! When I grew up, I was definitely more afraid of disappointing my mother than I was of any punishment she would hand out. No TV for a week? No biggie. Lose my toys? That sucked, but I could handle it. What I couldn’t handle was the look in my mother’s eyes when she’s discovered what I’d done. The silence that was so thick you could hold it on a spoon.

When our nephew was here he had no care for losing any of his mother’s respect…because he didn’t have any for her! He learned, the hard way, unfortunately, that it’s hard when you work to gain someone’s respect and then loose it.

In my opinion, children should have to earn your respect as well as you earning theirs. This goes double for teens. I’m not saying they should earn you love…love should be given freely to all children, but respect is something else.

As for loving Jo Frost? I’ve loved her for a year, and now doubly so once I read her book and discovered that she has no formal training! Not to be rude, but most people who have formal training in early childhood development are book smart only…and this is from personal experience people. Not to say all people who are trained are…ahem…different types of parents, but those that I’ve met, are.

Take a lesson from the old days people. When the elderly say it was a better time, it’s partially because children listened and knew to obey because they respected their elders!


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