Vindication from Nanny Jo

14 Mar

I’m a few days late on this because I just caught up on my DVR yesterday afternoon. What did I watch? I sat down to watch Supernanny.

I love Jo Frost…seriously. She’s a no-nonsense woman who forces parents to BE parents and yet to still enjoy their children. I actually wish my children acted worse than they do so I could have her come to my house, that’s how much I love Jo.

Monday’s episode was about a mother of 3 (who took care of her 17 yo Nephew as well) who’s youngest child was 14 months old. The 14 month old was constantly attached to the mother, either on her hip or on her breast.

The mother made the comment that she didn’t want to stop nursing because she was scared of losing the bond between herself and “her baby”. Jo acknowledged that the bond between a nursing mother and child was a special bond, but that it had to have limitations…the baby could not and should not nurse whenever she wanted to, but only at certain times during the day so that she could get down and interact with other children.

The mother made the decision to stop nursing and Jo’s response was that it was good. “‘The baby’ is as much of a passy for mum as mum is for ‘the baby’!”

That’s EXACTLY what I was talking about. I have no problem with breastfeeding, please don’t misunderstand me as many of you have. What I have a problem with is breastfeeding toddlers. There is NO reason to continue having your child sucking on your “nubbies” when they’re older than a year and a half (or so).

But the breast milk is SO nutritious, you say? Fine…pump it and stick it in a sippy cup. You’d be appalled if you saw a child who was 2 or 3 sucking on a bottle with something other than breast milk in it, but you think it’s okay to breastfeed a 2 or 3 year old?! It simply doesn’t make sense. I never once argued that breast milk was not nutritious…what I said was that it was wrong to have a child who’s old enough to say “Mommy, I want boobie” have milk from the boobie!

And what happened on Supernanny, you wonder? The mother was ecstatic to realize that it only took one nap time to wean her child from her breast…and after that she was even able to get her kids out of her bed (which Jo also didn’t agree with). She said that the bond between herself and her youngest was even stronger, and Jo said she was ecstatic that the mother had made the decision to wean because it gave them both a chance to move forward.

The reasons I love Nanny Jo just don’t stop!


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