20 Mar

Meg decided to show me how much she loved me by tagging me on this Meme. I’m lucky…it’s an easy one! Head on over and say “hi” to Meg…especially if you’re of the “I think we should breastfeed toddler’s” bent…she’d LOVE to have you say hi!

Top 5 Reasons I Blog:

1. After I left college and started watching Nick Jr. and Noggin for a living my writing skills slumped a bit (try a lot), so I figured a blog would be a good way to revive them.

2. My friend Tracey started me out by feeding me a couple of good blogs…then more…then said how easy it was to start blogging…then told me where and how to do it. It’s like a dealer who gives you your first few hits of crack for free.

3. It was an EXCELLENT way to not only document our lives but to get out there everything I want to say about the world and about my families (bio and in-laws) and how I think we all make stupid decisions (INCLUDING ME) but how most of us won’t acknowledge them.

4. I agree with Meg…I like to do what the “cool” kids are doing. Must be why I’m addicted to crack.

5. I enjoy embarassing my husband by giving explicit details of our sex life. Or not.

Alright, I’m tagging Tracey , because she got me into this in the first place, Finn , because she’s one of those cool kids I like to emulate, and Zoot , because she’s the ultimate leader of the cool kids and she’s never been here, so maybe if I keep tagging her CONSTANTLY she’ll drop by and say hi and my life can be complete!


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