27 Mar

One of the little things you don’t realize when you take on being a foster parent is that this is not your child. You may THINK you understand that term, but really, you don’t!

Say FT’s hair was getting long and needed a trim. Can I just cut it or take him to the hairdressers to cut? Nope. I have to get permission.

Permission for a haircut.

Say I’ve already gotten permission once, do I need to get permission again for a second hair cut when his hair grows too long?


So FT now has ANOTHER haircut. His infant/toddler teacher came today and looked right at me and asked, “did you get permission to cut his hair?”

“Do I look like I have stupid written on my forehead?”

Okay, so I didn’t say that exactly, but yes, I did get permission.

Now I can understand how not having your child in your custody is a difficult thing for a parent to take. It would drive me nuts if my kids weren’t with me…however…if I did something bad enough that the state felt they would be unsafe if they lived with me, I would feel that I deserved to lose custody.

Social workers make you ask for permission not only because it’s not your child, but because the parent seeing the child’s hair cut is a loss of power or control for them. Dude…it’s not like I took a girl in that had three feet of hair and chopped it to her ears! It’s a boy…a boy who had short hair to begin with, so simply cutting it so that his ears show and it’s even should not be a big deal, but, alas, it is.

I’m just thankful I don’t need permisson to clip his nails, too!


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