HELP! Wife in Crisis!!!

28 Mar

I need help from you guys…I’m desperate!

Scott’s birthday is in April 6th and I’m fresh out of ideas as to what to get him!

I’m not getting him tools as they sit in the garage and gather dust. He’s not into jewelry or cologne. He got a new beard trimmer for Christmas, as well as plenty of clothes.


I asked him what he’d like for his birthday and he replied, “I just want to take some money and go get something…that’s fine.”

Which in man-speak translates to, “You really haven’t gotten me anything I’ve truly wanted in a few years, so I’ll save both of us the frustration and go get something I really want.”

Need more info before you can suggest something? No problem.

Scott will be turning 34. He loves to play with the kids and is very happy when the end of the day arrives and he can lay on his ass on the couch. When there’s something he really wants to get done he’s obsessive about it, only stopping once the task is completed. If it’s something he really doesn’t want to do, he needs a fire lit under his ass to get him to do it.

He’s big into history and antiques (like we can afford them – hah!) and would love nothing better when he gets older than to sit on a beach with his metal detector finding old change and misplaced retainers. (yes, he has a metal detector).

He likes playing video games but would generally rather sit back and watch me play a video game while being a back-seat driver and telling me what to do.

He loves Planet Of The Apes and V (not the new movie, the old mini-series…google it) and action movies. He enjoys watching WWE wrestling and is not a big reader. Currently he has a goatee and his head is bald, as in bic-bald.

Alright, there’s your info…if you want more I can definitely give it, but please, someone, anyone, HELP!

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