29 Mar

Watch this. Go ahead, click play…I’ll wait.

Did you watch it?

It’s okay, I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself.

Now, for everyone, including all the breastfeeding Nazi’s, ON WHAT FUCKING LEVEL IS THIS OKAY?!?!?!?!?!

An eight year old is sucking on her mommie’s tata’s just because she wants to?! Yeah…uh huh. You can’t tell me she’s not going to have issues growing up. She’s so large that the mother can’t even use a chair anymore and has to use a love seat in order to breastfeed her child. Her Eight Year Old child…EIGHT YEARS OLD.

My biggest question is this: in Europe there was a woman who almost got her child taken away because he was obese and child services were trying to protect him by removing him from the custody of the person who was assisting in the obesity. Why would child services step in there but not when AN EIGHT YEAR OLD is sucking on mommie’s boobs?!

This is what I was talking about. When does this become molestation?! If you had an adult sucking on an eight year old’s boob you’d throw her in jail as fast as you can, but because it’s the other way around it’s okay?

Please, PLEASE tell me how this is okay.

But the mother says “it’s so comforting for her”. I agree with one of the posters…GET HER A TEDDYBEAR! This is when a parent needs to do something shocking like, oh, I dunno, parent, maybe? And say to the child, “this is not okay anymore…you are old enough to not need this anymore.”

There is nothing, NOTHING anybody can say to me that would show that this was okay…the ONLY way I could see that situation being acceptable was if the mother was caught in the snow in her car and had a baby she was already breastfeeding, so, to keep her children alive, she breastfeeds them all. That extreme situation is the only one that I would be able to understand…even to a small degree.

I’m just waiting for the comments on this one…I’m fairly sure the breastfeeders in the crowd will finally, FINALLY agree with me that this is taking it, oh, I dunno, maybe six steps too far?


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