Further Disgust

30 Mar

Meg e-mailed me this morning. I knew yesterday that she had taken the “Extraordinary Breast Feeding” video and had posted it to her site, but it turns out that Jay, over at The Zero Boss took the video from Meg’s site and posted it to his own and all hell has broken loose. If you’d like to check out how he feels (among numerous others) about the video, you can see his post here.


No, I can’t say I’m speechless because I do have things I want to say, and all of them are being said in an extremely loud voice. I think my husband’s half deaf now.

Give me a fucking break. I would say excuse the profanity but I really thing it’s warranted in this case! Read the article, come back here and give me your take on it because I am REALLY ready to start a website devoted to stopping Breast Feeding Nazi’s. One that will promote freedom of CHOICE in whether you breast or bottle feed and one that recognizes that children do not NEED to be breast fed after they are two years of age.

What do you think?!


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