Disturbing News

31 Mar

I’ve been deleting old e-mails and I forgot to mention that I did NOT find the YouTube of the crazy woman that breastfeeds her eight year old. It was actually sent to me by the wonderful Jules! Go on over and give her some love.

As for responding to the comments from yesterday? Don’t worry, I’m rearing and ready to go and will definitely be responding by Monday.

Tomorrow Scott and I are driving an hour an a half away from home and my mother will be watching all three rugrats until we get back. Why are we going so far away? Nothing romantic, I assure you (I’m married with three kids – I have no romance anymore!).

I met a girl last summer at my job. She had just turned 21 and was a total sweetheart. She’d made the decision to go back to college and we kept in touch, making sure to do something together whenever she was on vacation.

Yesterday the phone rang and I saw that it was from a hospital. I had no clue why the hospital so far away would be calling me, but it turned out to be my friend. She has been suffering with a depressive disorder for a long time and on Wednesday she tried to commit suicide.

This is the first time someone I’ve been close to has attempted suicide and when she called I told her: “There’s a part of me that wants to yell, ‘WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING’, while another part…the bigger part, is just really, really glad you’re okay.”

So I am going down and Scott is going with me to lend our moral support and to try and show her that people DO care for her. Most of her friends are those that use illegal drugs as a means to cope with life on a daily basis, and I know that this is not a good road for her to tread. She’s said she’s coming back home after her treatment and that she is actually glad to be getting the help she needs.

I just pray that I can find the right words to say.

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