17 Apr

Someone…please…save me.

We’re into day 4 of Scott’s “I’m not at work nah nah nah nah nah nah” phase and I’m ready to do something crazy like….eat brussel sprouts.

Scott works at a major manufacturing plant here in bumfuck Vermont. Whenever they get slow, he gets a week off. He’s also been getting every Friday off, too, but that’s been kinda nice. Add that to the fact that Toad’s got this week off for School vacation and you’ll realize that things are going crazy here.

Kids are going to bed later but still getting up at the same time, which lends itself to make the children have WONDERFUL dispositions, lemme tell you what. Scott’s bugging me every time I turn around…I’ll be doing some work on the computer and he’ll come in the bedroom (where the computer is) and be all, “hey hon…check this out for my blog…check that out for my blog”.

As many know I do the Brad Pitt site for 451Press…now my husband is doing the WWE site (found at Remember how I pissed off women with the whole breast feeding thing? I am quickly learning that the breast feeding nazi’s have NOTHING on the Angelina Jolie Crazed Fans (which will now be known as AJCF). The AJCF are all over my butt for a post I wrote where I mused if something a gossip rag said was true. I’m serious! Check out and see for yourself!

Apparently it is my mission in life to piss people off.


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