Comment – Weight

18 Apr

I had a wonderful comment the other day from Sarena G. When she responded back to me she made a comment about how I discuss weight loss and how wonderful it was that I was discussing things like that. First of all, THANK YOU SARENA!

Secondy – Heh…what weight loss?

I know that a lot of people tend to not eat when a person close to them passes away. Apparently, with me, it’s the opposite.

Between Easter and three birthdays, the wake and the funeral, I ate more a few weeks ago than I think I have in months. At least, that’s how it feels! The worst part is that I’ve continued the trend. While I used to have only one soda a day, I’m finding myself heading to the fridge for a Pepsi more than once a day, and the Easter candy sitting on the counter is becoming EXTREMELY appealing…and don’t get me started about the Ramen noodles that have been sitting in the cupboard for weeks, softly calling, “But Randi, you know we taste SO good and are full of those lovely carbs you love so much.”

Yesterday I went and donated blood for the Red Cross. They had a promotion, I guess you’d call it, where they gave ever visitor a special Red Sox T-shirt for donating. I was sitting with two elderly men after the donation, munching on a roll, when a volunteer came over and asked if we had gotten our shirts yet.

“No”, said one of the elderly men, “I haven’t, and he hasn’t, and this young lady would like one too.”

“Sure…what size are you?” She asked each of the men. They both responded with large. She looked at me and said, “Extra-large for you?”

Is it just me, or is that about as bad as asking a woman who’s “plus” sized when the baby is due?

So goodbye two pepsi’s a day, and sorry Ramen noodles…you’ll have to do without me for awhile.

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