Something for my ass!

23 Apr

It’s no secret that I’ve been busting myself trying to get this “freelance writing” thing going. Thankfully (and extremely luckily) I’m having a modicum of success – hopefully within six months I won’t need to work at the call center anymore, and while I’m sure I’ll miss having 70 year old ladies yelling in my ear every night, being able to be home will be nice too.

So I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for long periods of time to do the writing and researching. My chair? She is not made for this type of work. Think of a cheapie college student chair. Low, stiff back, swivel, no arms, and the hydrolics on it are starting to go. I sit down on it and then, a few minutes later, shrink a bit – then a bit more, and finally settle down five inches below where I need to be.

After finally talking Scott into it (ie – bitching until he’s sick of hearing me), we are getting a new computer chair. The question is – where the hell can I find one that’s not an arm and a leg? Everywhere I’ve looked, the prices are insane!

Here’s what I need:

Something that has a medium to high back and is able to recline a bit
Something with arms
Something that swivels
HOPEFULLY something that’s not leather (leather gets sticky in the summer)
Something under 100.00

I know, I know, I’m asking for a miracle, but with all you web-shopping savvy people out there, I’m sure someone can find what I’m obviously missing!

Help a girl’s ass out!


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