24 Apr

Today, I did something I’ve never done before.

I planned my outfit around my shoes.

Now I’m like most women and I really do like shoes. However, I have short, fat feet, which makes it difficult to find cute shoes. Most of my shoes range from 6-7 Wide, which shouldn’t be TOO much of a problem….however…I also have short toes. This means that whenever you put on shoes that have no toes and your toes go to the end of the shoe, mine are probably hidden in the straps somewhere.

When my grandmother passed away, I needed something to wear for the wake and funeral, so a bunch of us headed to the local Small (a small mall) to go shopping. I found some shoes at Payless and, since they were having a BOGO (a buy one, get one 1/2 off BOGO), I figured I’d get another pair. The shoe lady was AWESOME and actually helped me find shoes that fit correctly, so I actually purchased something I’d been wanting for a year – Espadrilles!

So today I decided to wear a black skirt that has gossamer around it, with a silky red top so that my black Espadrilles would look good. I laced them up, tied them, and headed for my errands.

I got compliments from not one, not two, but FIVE people in a two hour time span! Almost every woman I met that could see my feet LOVED my shoes and complimented on them. Ladies, brace yourselves, this has NEVER happened to me before. I even stopped in at my mother’s work to show her. Her response was, “well…those are different.”

The air was deflated out of my tires until a co-worker of hers passed behind me and mom caught her looking – she thought at my daughter.

“Isn’t my granddaughter cute?” she asked?

“Oh – adorable. But I was looking at your daughter’s shoes – those are so cute! I could never wear those, but I love them!”


And now? My feet ARE KILLING ME!


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