26 Apr

I am on the precipice of something and I am trying to decide if I should jump off the edge or move back so that my ass doesn’t break when it hits the ground.

To jump off would be to do something that I have always dreamed of doing – it would mean taking a very large risk in myself and my abilities and, if I fail, I may end up selling sexual favors in order for us to keep our house.

To step back would mean staying exactly where I am right now. Yes, I may be able to leap off at a later date – this is not something that has a set date attached to it, but to stay where I am would add more stress and less time with everyone while I try to keep both things going at once.

I know I haven’t given much information, but I worry that if I do I will jinx myself. Yeah, I’m just a BIT supersititious.

Let’s just say that everything within me is screaming, “JUMP OFF THE LEDGE DUMB ASS”. It is only my conscious that is worried that things will go wrong.

I think a chocolate cake will shut that bitch up.

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