30 Apr
Reason #160 why you do not raise your hand to scratch your head when you are at an auction!

Scott and I did something novel on Sunday – we got a teenage babysitter to watch the kids! They had an absolute blast! Toad wanted her to come back today! She did say that FS was a little difficult to handle, but then she said that she’d love to come back…she must be DESPERATE for money!

We decided to use the time to go to the auction house. If you’ll remember, I went to my first auction two weekends ago, and I was ready to go again. We walked in and saw the couch and I was sure that there was no way they were auctioning it off. My cousin works there, so I stopped her and asked if they were selling it. She said “yes”.
“There is no way that that sectional is going for anything less than 500.00.” I told my husband.
“It’ll go lower,” he said, “there’s a rip in one of the seats and a lot of people don’t want to take a large couch like that home from an auction.”
I had seen the rip, and it had been nicely covered with a very sticky tape, so I knew it would last until we could get some sort of an iron on fabric on it. I didn’t want anything brand new anyway, what with the three monsters running around.
As the time passed, people started leaving and the couch was not being auctioned. If you’ve never been to an auction, this is good news. The less people, the less interest. Finally he started the bidding…at $200.
“Wait for it,” Scott said.
It went down to $100.
“Hang on,” he whispered.
Then it was at fifty.
I raised my little card and entered into a bidding war with another buyer. The amounts went up by only ten dollars each, so it took us a few minutes to get to the final price. I was so confused at the last bid that I actually raised my hand AGAIN because I thought the other person had the bid.
“SOLD for $160.”
Yes, we got this HUGE sectional couch (yes, I know it has a tear…gonna figure out how to fix that…if you have any ideas PASS THEM ON) for $160.

I think the kids like it…don’t you?!
(This is the closest pic you will ever see of FS – it’s non-identifying and I STILL feel like I’m doing something illegal LOL.)
Things are going so well right now that I’m actually looking over my shoulder and constantly waiting for something bad to happen. I know that some people, when they get a run of good luck, feel like they deserve it. I do not. I feel like it’s a fluke in the universe, and that eventually the universe will realize it and make me pay double, because it had to compound the interest in, of course.
Scott feels the same. He went to the gas station earlier in the weekend and pre-paid for $25. The clerk typed in $35. He said he only pumped $25 worth in.
“Why didn’t you pump the whole $35? You would’ve gotten ten extra dollars worth of gas for free!” I asked.
“Because things are going SO well right now, I feel like if I do something wrong, it’ll bite us in the ass. Karma, or whatever you want to call it.”
So if I owe you money, now would be the time to collect!

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