14 May

It was a long, but great, weekend. To top it off, we had a great mother’s day brunch at my mom’s house (she makes the BEST sausage gravy and biscuits), and they went to Wallyworld where our swing set was FINALLY in! (we’ve been trying to get it for over three weeks!) So tonight my SIL and her BF will be down to help Scott set it up. Hopefully we won’t need to visit the ER!

This was the first weekend that I didn’t have to work (at my old job) and that I wasn’t sick during, and I LOVE IT! It’s SO nice to know that I don’t have to leave the house if I don’t want to.

For Mother’s day I got a beautiful ceramic coaster from Toad (pics later), some pretty flowers, some awesome home-made cards, and my docking bay for my camera that I’ve been wanting since Christmas! YAY!

So here’s how my week pans out:

Today – Toad is sick and at home with all of us. He’s had a fever, but it spiked last night and I think that it’s over now.
Thurs – I believe this is when FS will be moving onto his possible adoptive home. We’ve been talking and it looks like this is the best for us all.
Fri – Two – count them, TWO burials. Yeah, up here in the great-white north, when it’s too cold and the ground is too frozen to bury you loved ones, they store them until spring/summer. This has the added bonus of making you have to go through the entire grieving process all over again. So nice, isn’t it?
Fri – My BF is coming up from MA to spend the weekend with her mother, her mechanic, and me! Yay!

NEXT Fri – we’re off on our anniversary camping trip! Hooray!

So how was everybody else’s weekend?


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