Pity Party Over

20 May

Thank you, guys, for the kind, thoughtful words. I mentioned to Scott that I realized I hadn’t been on my meds for a few days (it’s been hectic) and wondered if that may have been part of the problem. Now, Scott is always the one to say “yeah – you’re nutz w/o your meds”, but instead he said, “No. These are issues that you have had to deal with for a long time – you will overcome them eventually.”

So this weekend I just enjoyed time spent with my family. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and had McyD’s in the car – I’d forgotten how much I enjoy just sitting in the parking lot with the kids pounding down a few McNuggets. It’s a lot easier to do w/o FS here. Then, on the way home, Babygirl and Toad started squabbling. They’re sitting side-by-side again, and we figured this would happen. Instead of stressing out, like I would have done over six months ago, I realized that it was no big deal and dealt with it. FS taught me a lot, too.

We rented Happy Feet and I let the kids have popcorn and chocolate shakes for supper (I’m such a bad mom) while we watched the movie. Too cute! Although, I’ve gotta say, it kind of annoyed me that the main penguin, Mumble, never lost all of his fuzz. I know it was left to be able to easily identify him, but it annoyed me.

Scott and I then sat down to watch Blood Diamond, but we never got all the way through it. We’ll have to finish it up today. So far, from what I saw, it was really, really dark. Almost as bad as Hotel Rwanda. See, you go in wanting something light like Music and Lyrics and come out with a dark, “children kill everyone” movie where Leonardo DeCaprio has a freaky accent. “At least Jennifer Connely is in it,” I thought, but no, she plays a small role (as far as I’ve seen so far) and she’s not exactly a nice person. Oh well LOL.

And today I’m catching up on work. I’ve taken on more than I can chew this time, and need to get my ass in gear to be able to go away on our anniversary weekend next weekend!

But thank you, those who left messages, for being so sweet – you’re totally lying, but you’re sweet about it! 🙂


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