28 May
Yay! Back from Vacation – wait, shouldn’t I be saying “boo”? Guess that has something to do with the fact that we were camping and now it’s POURING outside. We got really lucky and managed to avoid all that dampness!

We had a great time! We went to Plymouth, MA (America’s Hometown, or so they say) and hit the Plimouth Plantation, the Mayflower II, and the Dead of Night Ghost Tour. My BF and her husband joined us on the tour (they live down there) and he managed to scare the bajeezus outta me not once, but TWICE. Jerk. It’s okay – I’ll get even – after all, I DO have a picture of him walking holding onto a purse…

I gave Scott his watch, which he loves. Check this out – the watch is atomic (recieves radio signals to always have the right time), is solar powered, and it damn near indestructable. And WHAT does he fixate on? The fact that if you turn it just right when it’s dark, it lights up automatically. I swear he’s been playing with that ever since he got it!

I got – a piece of paper! Actually, my wedding/engagement ring combo has been missing for two weeks (since he mysteriously took a day off of work), and it turns out that he ordered a third band made for the ring.

Okay, here’s my ring. Ignore the blurriness – I still haven’t gotten the “close-up picture” thing down pat. But as you can see, there is a big diamond about 3/4 karat), and some diamonds and bagets on the sides. The ring below the big diamond is my wedding band, which has a baget in place of the big diamond, and other diamonds to follow the pattern. What they’re doing is creating a third band (identical to the wedding band) and putting it on the other side, so it’s even. It’s something I’ve wanted done ever since my jewler told me about it (when the ring was made five years ago LOL) and I’m stoked to see it!

In about 6 more weeks! Ack!

I was also VERY lucky in that they checked the ring over and found out that the middle stone is loose – yikes! We couldn’t afford to replace that one! Now this is a very expensive ring (we’ll be over 3,000 when we’re done) but the thing you have to know is – I have no other jewlery. Okay, I have a few necklaces and a few earrings, all of which probably total up to under 50 bucks! This is the only expensive piece of jewlery I have and I love it not because of the cost, but because of what it stands for, and because of how much HE loves me for him to get another band.

HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY HONEY! I love you more than you know!


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