New Toy

5 Jun

OMG – I jumped off another cliff last night.

We ordered a laptop.


We’ve been talking about having one since – umm – well, forever, but we haven’t been able to 1. afford it and 2. justify having one. Now we can do both! The justification? HIGH SPEED BABY. In case I haven’t mentioned (yeah, sure), we’re getting satellite internet at my house on Thursday – THURSDAY – I’ve already ordered a wireless router so I’ll be able to actually tote my laptop around and work!

I can work out of doors…sweet…

I can work in the dining room where’s there’s AC – sweeter…

I can work in the living room and watch Hell’s Kitchen! – sweetest!

So I’m pretty stoked. This week is passing slower than the week of Christmas! Thursday is high-speed – Thursday is the kid’s hair cut (which they need) – Friday is partay night with Toad – and SOMETIME along I’ll be getting a pretty, shiny new laptop!

I’ve never had a laptop before. Any tips?

BTW – Hell’s Kitchen rocked and I’m SO glad that the girl who got sent home was sent home – she totally deserved it. Rock on for the girl from the Waffle House!


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