11 Jun

So on Thursday the satellite guys were here to set up my Hughesnet.

For three days, now, I’ve been smacking my head against a wall wondering why I did this. Lemme tell you what I’ve learned.

1. If the installer asks your husband to run to the store to pick him up a ground wire – and some beer – he may be an idiot.

2. If the installer is in such a hurry that he says he’ll call you back the next day to set up your e-mail address – he may be an idiot.

3. If you call tech support and get a guy from Pakistan – he may be an idiot.

4. If you expected anything other than a tech support guy from a foreign country – you may be an idiot.

5. If you thought you’d be just as happy to go back to dial-up when the satellite went down – you may be an idiot.

6. If you spent 2 hours surfing YouTube (when the satellite DID work) instead of doing your work – you may be an idiot.

So right now *keeps fingers crossed* the satellite is working. We got upgraded to a level 3 (which meant people who spoke ENGLISH) and then to a Tier 4 (which means people who speak English and have DEGREES!). They are supposed to call us back within 24 hours, but I have not heard from them yet. The satellite, however, IS working, so I’m not going to complain as long as it STAYS working.

I’ve got some great stories from this weekend to put up – as soon as I download the damn pics. But Toad is home from school now, as his last day was Friday, so I’ve got to get into a brand new schedule. Tomorrow we’re going shopping for sandals! Yay! Too bad mommy can’t get new sandles…I don’t think Daddy would agree, after mommy just bought that new laptop (which will HOPEFULLY be here by the end of this week).


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