7 Things About Me…meme

19 Jun

DaveP, one of my lovely co-workers over at 451 Press, decided that he’d tag me, just to be a nice guy.

He’s lucky that he’s one of the few guys I’d consider having children with….

Okay 7 random/strange facts about me….hmmm..

1. I’m totally afraid of the dark! I hate the dark. My optomoligist says it has something to do with my astigmatism. I’m sticking to that theory.

2. I don’t have a father – I have a sperm donor. Okay, to TECHNICALLY he’s my father, but I perfer to him as the sperm donor.

3. I have 3 half brothers and 3 half sisters. I’ve said it before, if my life were the Brady Bunch, I’d be the dog…or Sam the butcher…

4. I’ve only slept with 2 guys in my life. My ex-boyfriend and my husband. My husband still says I’m niave.

5. I discovered I was pregnant with Toad when I was in the E.R. I’d gone in puking my guts out and came out knowing that I was going to be having a baby with a guy that I’d only known for 6 months.

6. My best friend and I are, in some ways, total opposites. I’m “big boned”, she’s tiny – in other ways we’re the same – we’re both big mouths!

7. I am PETRIFIED of Bees – and I hate Onions. I guess that’s 2 random facts…

Okay, so now I have to tag 7 people do to this….

Tracey at Peaceful Thoughts
Mir at Woulda Coulda Shoulda
RSM at Rock Star Mommy
Ben at Silly Old Bear

Okay, we’re capping it out at 4 because most of the other people I want to tag have already done this!


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