21 Jun

My best friend is up spending the week with her mother. When she comes up she stays here, because we’ve got the room and because she and her mother will kill each other if they live together for too long.

My best friend and my old friend (see previous post) do not get along. They USED to get along, until old friend burned best friend the way she did me (and more so). So I told Scott that I wasn’t going to tell best friend about old friend, because I didn’t want to get her upset and because she is SO important to me. Honestly, if I was made to choose between best friend and old friend, it’d have to be best friend, even though I’ve known her for less time, because she has always been there for me and has supported me through everything. She even drove 2 1/2 hours to come to my grandmother’s funeral.

SOOOO….last night best friend comes in fairly late and I’m working at the dining room table. We start talking and get to talking about an older friend’s boyfriend.

“Can you believe it? She didn’t look like the type to have a nerdy boyfriend at ALL…” I said.

“Yeah, I know!”

“Have you seen her picture?” I asked.

“Oh yeah…” she replies as she’s making toast.

“I know – when I showed K the other day…(it’s at this point in the conversation that I realized exactly what came out of my mouth. Oh.Shit. Gotta finish the sentence, though) she was really shocked…”

Best friend stops what she’s doing, stares at me and says, “what did you say?”

So we ended up having a very long conversation last night – one I was trying to avoid. I think she’s still upset at me this morning, and I feel rotton. On one hand I’ve got old friend, who used to be so close to me and whom I think has grown up and realized how much she hurt everyone she used to love. Then in the other corner, I’ve got best friend who has been there for me ever since I had my son (and before).



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