Santa’s Village 2007

22 Jun

We went to Santa’s Village today. I’m still recovering. Then I got home and found out that I have some work to do that I had not planned on. Ugh. I’ve also got a bunch of friends from High School coming over tomorrow that I haven’t seen in a long time – some of them in 10 years! So I’ll definitely have more pics.

Enjoy these!

Every year I take a pic of Scott and the kids in front of this sign. This year my mother went with us, so he took a pic of us! I actually half like this shot of me…and that’s saying something!

Annual Sign

Toad has been BEGGING to go on the Log Ride for over a year. Scott and I are ride wussies – I can handle spinny stuff, but not the drops. So THAT’S why we brought mom along! Unfortunately it was actually really cold today, but she sucked it up and did it once for her grandson. Here’s the “before” shot.

Calm before the storm...

And here’s the “blackmail” after shot! She’s gonna LOVE that one…

LONG Way down

I’m off to work and to consume large amounts of alcohol in order to kill my headache and to grease the wheels of my mind so I CAN work. Later!


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