Need A Recipe…

2 Jul


This Sunday is our local “Town” day. This day we have a huge party paid for by the town, with lots of free food and drink and cheesy entertainment.

Last year they had their first baking contest – so I entered. Not to brag, but I’m a fairly good baker.

I lost – I didn’t even PLACE! Scott bugged me, saying, “you needed the $20 that bad?” NO – but I wanted to WIN that bad! It’s a matter of pride.

So this year I’m trying to figure out what I should make for a dessert – it has to be decorative/classy looking, and bonus points if there’s enough for more than ten people to eat (last year I made a bunt cake and it was the perfect size). You CAN have just enough for the judges, but i’d like to allow some of the residents of the town to have a little piece.

I’m looking at a cake-like strawberry shortcake recipe – what do you think? Any desserts that get gobbled up right off? DESPERATE HERE! My pride and dignity is on the line!


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