Ever feel crazy?

7 Jul

I just got back from taking Babygirl – to the ER.

She and Toad have been going through this nose/throat thing for a few weeks, and the last few days, we’ve noticed that Babygirl hasn’t been eating well at all – she’s actually been kind of choking on her food! Yesterday she gagged on water. This afternoon we looked into her throat and saw that golfballs had replaced her tonsils. After a brief talk with Dr. “Covering Asshole For Regular Doc”, I headed ot the ER (the other doctor – the one that was covering – HORRIBLE doc.)

At the ER a wonderful receptionist gave Babygirl some stickers to put on her lovely hospital bracelet, and we got taken back. The ER doc did a rapid strep and came back about 10 minutes later telling me that it was negative. He explained that tonsils are part of the body’s defenses, so that we know the immune system is working (duh) – and that years ago they used to take them out all the time and everyone got polio (isn’t that what we invented the vaccine for?).

He also said, when he looked at her tonsils, “my, they are big, aren’t they.”

So we’re home, with advice to keep an eye on her to see if she has trouble breathing….I thought the whole point was to stop it before it got to that point!

I will definitely be calling Dr. RegularPediatrician on Monday morning.


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