Why do I even try?

8 Jul

We just got back from SmallTown day – our local “get together and pig out on food in the town” day. Kindly people will remember last year when I entered my Chocolate Lover’s Favorite Cake and lost…miserably.

I thought, “I know why I lost – my decoration wasn’t up to snuff” – so this year I made a Strawberry Berry cake – you take Strawberry Supreme cake mix and make 2-9″ cakes. After they’re cool (and right before you serve) you slather strawberry jam on the top of the bottom piece, cover that with blueberries, and cover those with whipped cream. You then put the top on, slather that in strawberry jam, cover THAT in blueberries, put a dollop of whipped cream on top with some strawberries and blueberries to garnish.

It really was a beauty (I’ll have to take a pick of the second one I’m making for my mom’s house tonight). Scott brought it down and said that I was entry #11. Okay – 11 – more than last year, but it was decorated REALLY beautifully, and it’s a boxed mix – I can’t go wrong!

Yes – I can! Once again, I didn’t even place. First place went to a bananna cream pie. Hello – it’s a bananna cream pie – not THAT difficult! Put a few slices of bananna on top and you’re decorated. The bitch probably bought it at a store…

Again, more proof that when it comes to the cosmos on luck – I can’t win!


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