Springfield, VT!

11 Jul

Finally, Vermont will be known! We recently won the Simpson’s Springfield Contest, meaning it will have an advanced screening of the movie, and will also become the “true” Springfield that the Simpsons hail from.
I’m not a huge Simpson fan, but I do like the show. I remember when the game first came out on Nintendo – I played it all the time!
I have lived in Vermont my entire life, and get easily annoyed when I tell people my state only to hear them say, “VT? Where’s that – in California?” Yeah, we’re in California.
I thought that when we allowed gays and lesbians to have civil unions, we would become known. Never mind that we were the first to abolish slavery, or that we have amazing ski resorts and awesome dairy products (Hello, Ben & Jerry’s?). No – we’re going to forever be remembered for being the place where the last Phish concert was held, and where Bart Simpson and his zany crew come from.

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