The News

15 Jul

Okay, I may be premature, and if you’re family, pretend you never read this post (if you’re family I hope that you NEVER read this blog!)

Thursday afternoon I had Babygirl give Scott a pink carnation and Toad give Scott a blue carnation.

I then asked him which he’d like this time – a boy or a girl.

I found out on Wednesday (and had it confirmed on Thursday) that Scott and I are expecting our third little one.

We had two blighted ovums between Toad and Babygirl, so we won’t know until the 26th if the pregnancy’s viable…but so far I’m exhausted, and my boobs are killing me! I’m having some food aversions (don’t even talk about tuna fish) and am trying to eat every few hours so I don’t get nauseated. When I was pregnant with Toad I was BAD – when I was pregnant with Babygirl it almost killed me!

So I’m hopeful, and still kinda in shock as we weren’t trying! You’d think this time around I’d figure out what causes this!

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