17 Jul

So I gave in and called the doctor’s office yesterday. The nurse talked to the doc and called me back, requesting that I go in and get bloodwork done, and then repeated on Wednesday.

Let’s see – been here before.

When I had the two blighted ovums, we did this test. The numbers rose, but did not double. I can’t remember what the numbers were back then, but they were in the mid hundreds – like 600 or so I think?

My number from last night was 900.

There’s such a wide range of what they can be, but I guess my doc was happy with that number, and he’s really good, so I’m…cautiously optimistic. I’ve gotta get the bloodwork done on Wednesday, and hopefully we’ll see the numbers rise. If they do, we’re looking good. If they don’t, chances are they’ll up the ultrasound to see what’s going on.

So I’m just trying to relax and not think much abuot it – after all, there really isn’t much I can do either way, right?


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