Family and Harry Potter

18 Jul

Scott has SO many siblings that it’s kinda crazy – I have 7 – SEVEN sisters-in-law. Fortunately I can stand most of them (even if they can’t stand me 🙂 ). Two of his siblings, an older brother (much, MUCH older) and an older sister live in California.

When Scott’s mom passed away five years ago, his brother came up from California to help, and wound up getting a lung infection. Apparently it had something to do with a mold that almost everyone is exposed to, but it doesn’t do anything to msot of us. Unfortunately for him, he ended up having a quarter of a lung removed. Since then, he hasn’t been able to come back to VT.

He and his wife are coming up in a few days. She came up without him two years ago, but its the first time we’ll have seen him for a long time. Whenever something like this happens, we all get together, which is something that doesn’t happen often, so I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to look my best…yeah, I’m shallow like that 🙂

And then there’s Harry Potter. Will the Harry Potter release keep me from hanging out with the rest of the family?

Hmmm – family – Harry – family – Harry…

Think they’ll notice if I’m sitting in a corner, my nose buried in a book?


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