Soap Opera Saga

19 Jul

My life is sounding like a soap opera right now – it’s horrible!

The days seem to be dragging by, as I TRY to focus on work and to ignore the extreme pain my hips are in. Funny, I can’t remember if my hips hurt with Toad and Babygirl or not.

A good friend is coming up tonight to have dinner with me – I think it’s a pity dinner…she’s bringing her young daughter (who is too cute for her own good), and brownies. I keep trying to get her to put something in the brownies, but she’s refusing.

Scott’s treating me with kid gloves right now, and I can’t say as I blame him. The nurse said to stay off my feet as much as possible (does that ever do any good?), so I’m trying my best to follow orders. This, of course, leaves me sitting in front of the laptop. And if I can’t focus, I browse and play games…I’m getting so much work done.

I am scared – but I know there’s nothing I can do either way. I just hate not knowing, and not having control of things. I keep feeling my boobs to see if they still hurt – my friend told me this morning that maybe they’re hurting because I keep feeling them…good point.


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