Things happen so quickly.

21 Jul

Friday morning at 3:30 a.m. I woke up with a wicked pain in my side. It hurt really, REALLY bad. My left side had been hurting for a few days, but I really didn’t think much of it – until Friday morning.

I went to the bathroom, thinking that I must be having a miscarriage. Within ten minutes, I knew that something wasn’t right. I called the OB nurse (who was an idiot) and got trasnferred to the OB on call – who, fortunately, was my OB, Dr. S. Dr. S. was whipsering, trying not to wake his wife. He told me to head into the ER, and that he’d tell the ER doc I was on my way.

We woke my mom up and had her come over to be here with the kids (cause they’re likely to have a party if we leave them on their own).

We got put back into the ER immediately and the blood work got started. The ER doc, Dr. H, told me that he’d have an IV put in so that they could give me some pain medication. I asked if the medication would be fine “if the baby was okay” – and he gave me this look…kind of a pity look, then said “most pain medication is fine for a fetus…we’ll make sure of it.”

A few minutes later, Dr. H came in and told me that the blood levels had dropped to 600, and that the baby was probably not viable.

They got the IV in (which, in my case, is no easy task) and they wheeled me down to ultrasound. I ended up waking up the ultrasound tech (I felt so bad!) and she did a scan. She then had me go pee (because the IV bag was going through me really fast) and did the vaginal ultrasound. I didn’t get to see what was on the screen, as she turned it away.

I headed back to the ER and the nurse pumped me full of some very, VERY nice medication. shortly after, Dr. H. came in and told me that Dr. S was on his way in.

“I just wish I knew what the ultrasound results are,” I told him. He came closer to the bed.

“Well – I don’t have the offical results yet, but, unofficially, it looks as if it is an ectopic pregnancy. Dr. S. will be here to discuss all of the options with you shortly.”

I started crying, and knew that my decision would be final.

Dr. S. came in and asked hwo I was feeling, and told me that it was officially an ectopic pregnancy.

“We have two options – the first is to use a chemical to take care of the pregnancy. The second is to go in laprascopically, to remove the fetus, and to try to repair the fallopian tube. I’m not sure if it’s burst or not….”

Before he said anything else, I interrupted him.

“Remove it. Remove the left tube.”

“And the right one…” he asked.

“Tie it – whatever…I’m done. I can’t do this anymore.” I cried.

“Are you sure you’re in the right frame of mind ot make this decision right now?” he asked.

“I made this decision a few days ago when I knew something wasn’t right with the pregnancy.”

“Alright,” he said, “we’ll remove the left tube, and we’ll clamp the right one. Actually, the clamps come in a pack of two, so I’ll probably just put them both on the right one.”

The next thing I knew, I was signing a consent form and being wheeled back to the OR. I had to wait awhile because he had a surgery ahead of me, but I had a great pre-op nurse who had actually had an ectopic before, and realized that I was serious about the amount of pain I was in. Every time it started to hurt, she gave me some medication. At one point she was playing with two different types of medicaion, trying to alleviate the pain as much as possible.

They finally took me back around 10, and a few hours later I was waking up. The surgery took about an hour, and the doctor was even nice enough to take pictures. You can see in the pics that my left tube is way, WAY bigger than its supposed to be. He did end up removing the left tube, but was able to keep the ovary, which is good. He wound up putting both clamps, as promised, on the right tube.

I don’t remember much of the first hour, but I guess the nurse was there shooting morphine into my IV every few minutes to help with the pain. Funnily enough, my left side was finally pain free – it was my right side that hurt. I kept saying, “Hi Scott – Hi nurse – Hi Scott – Hi nurse – my hip hurts…”

She got some pepsi into me so that I could take a percocet, and talked me into going to sleep (basically by talking Scott into leaving so that I wouldn’t feel as if I had to keep talking to him). I did pass out for about 45 minutes, and when I came too, was more normal. Another hour and a half later, I was being wheeled out of the hospital.

So it’s over. No pregnancy, no more pregnancies – ever.

I’m sad, but I think I made the right decision. Three missed pregnancies is enough for me. Besides, I have a beautiful son and daughter, and a wonderful husband – so wonderful, in fact, that even though he’d had NO sleep, he headed out at midnight to get me the new Harry Potter book.

I’m trying to take it easy for the next few days. The news is out at Scott’s family, and we have a family reunion to go to today. They want me to sit my ass in a chair and stay there, and the way my lower stomach feels, I’m definitely going to abide by that.

Thanks for being here for me – I may take a few days away from the computer in order to get my head together a bit…

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