No More Excuses

27 Jul

Unfortunately, I’m physically a lot better. This means that Scott doesn’t have to do my running around anymore. Dammit đŸ™‚

We headed to Pizza Putt – it’s an over-priced restaurant that has a huge arcade section and mini-golf.

Babygirl can’t mini-golf! She held the putter every-which-way but right!

I also had the chance to play Dance, Dance Revolution – I LOVE THAT GAME! DDR is so much fun. But somewhere between level 2 when I was two-steppin’ it like the white girl I truly am, and level 5 when I was jumping all over the place, Scott realized that I was pretty-much on the mend.

He then made me drive home, get the sodas and snacks when we stopped at a mini-mart, and had me put the kids to bed.

*sigh* things are back to normal!

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