Sleep – Finally

31 Jul

I’m not sure if it was the threat of not being able to play on the computer, or the threat that I’d not let her date boys until she was 30, but something worked and finally, Babygirl had not only a nap, but a good nights rest.

She’s now bouncing all around the house.

Why did I want her to sleep again?

Things are getting back to normal now that Scott’s back to work. I’m finding that I’m now responsible for providing a well-balanced meal for everyone. Of course yesterday’s going away party for one of our librarians took care of that. Cake – punch – that’s balanced, right? The laundry is waiting to be done (I can always say that it WAS folded until the kids played in it), and I’m sitting in a chair, typing this.

Now if only I could figure out how to fix my Haloscan!!!

I think I’m in a good enough mood that I’ll let the kids play with Play-Doh. Have you ever had small children play with Play-Doh?! I’m not an obsessive person, but it annoys me when you mix one color with another, and eventually just end up with five cans of brown blobs. How’s that fun?! And the little balls of clay that fall onto the floor and you step on when you’re picking up? They’re so lovely.

Remind me why the kids aren’t in daycare again?


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