2 Aug

NOW I’ve seen it all.

Look at this.

Yes – you read that right – a 56 year old Vermont man was caught having sex…in a barn…WITH THE COWS.

He was made to pay $601 (for the trespassing). They were GOING to charge him with abusing the cows, but a vet that checked the cows out said that they “came to no harm”, so they couldn’t charge him.

The man’s name is Gregory Viens – I’ll bet his friends and family are proud!

*sigh* I can see this doing wonders for our tourism.

“Are you a sexual pervert? Do you want a unique sexual experience? Fly to VT where we’ll let you have sex with our cows!!”

Edited: I just called my mother to tell her about this, and her response was, “Well Jesus Randi, where have you been? This has been going on for years! Dad (the step-father) tells stories about catching a guy down at the local commission sales having sex with a cow…or was it a sheep…something. This is nothing new.”

Apparently I’ve been niave for about – oh – 27 or so years…I have NEVER heard of this happening! Cow tipping? Of course! Sex with cows?! I think I would remember that…


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