Birthday Time

7 Aug

The lovely Finn has a birthday coming up, and all week she’s posting birthday wishes. She asked her loyal readers to send her a virtual birthday gift, and because it’s virtual, it can be anything! So far she’s recieved a few vacations, some wonderful chocolates and jewlery, and her own jet plane!

My birthday is five days after hers (I’m on the 15th) – I’m turning 28. 28. It’s WAY too close to 30 to suit me. I’m already in mourning LOL.

My mother gave me the usual $50 for my birthday a bit early (it helped to pay for my tattoo). Scott’s not getting me anything, (due to the tattoo and the anniversary present that has caused a huge dent in the credit card).

So basically? I’ve got bubkis for my birthday day. It’s almost better this way – I hate anticipating something that doesn’t happen.

I would do Finn’s “virtual present” idea, but I have WAY fewer raeders than she does LOL. So what will I be doing for my birthday? Probably the same thing I do every other day – I’d LOVE to have Scott come home from work with a babysitter lined up and a nice, quiet dinner set up. Hell, I’d be content with a picnic LOL.


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