I can’t believe this.

9 Aug

Did you see this? Feel free to check out the full story, but if you’re in a hurry, I’ll condense it – once again Parents are going after McDonalds. They did a taste test where they put identical items on a table – one item in a plain wrapper, the other in a McDonalds wrapper – surprise, surprise, the kids liked the item in the McDonalds wrapper better. Now McDonalds is saying that they will only serve fruit or vegetables in the Happy Meals.

Once again parents get pissed off at the wrong person. There is NOTHING wrong with kids having a McDonalds happy meal….AS A TREAT. Of COURSE your child shouldn’t be eating McDonalds three days out of the week! Ours usually get it once every few weeks or so. Kids have loved fast food since before McDonalds was eve conceived. McDonalds just added a toy to the product and made it “kid friendly”, but in reality, if there was no toy? The kids would still want to eat it.

If parents want their children to stop being overweight, they need to STOP shoving 100% juice down their throats fifteen times a day, STOP allowing their kids to eat 5 different snacks a day (no matter HOW healthy they are), STOP cooking seperate meals EVERY dinner time (“oh – JR doesn’t like cooked chicken, so I’m making him a grilled cheese”) and for God’s sake STOP allowing your kids to run their own lives! If your six year old is dictating how long he will play on the video game system – something’s wrong. Parents are forgetting how to be parents in this world.

I’m not saying that I’m the world’s best parent – hell, I have issues just like anyone else does – but even though I’M overweight (hormones, NOT food related, and yeah, my ass needs to exercise more), my children are not. They are extremely healthy and understand that when mommy or daddy say “N.O.”, we mean it. Toad has to earn time playing on his Gamecube, and even Babygirl has to pick up her room to get time playing on the computer. They both love to play outside, and can spend a good amount of time jumping around on the trampoline (which has a safety net and a parent is ALWAYS out there with them).

And those moms that believe that breastfeeding their eight year old is good? Yeah – let’s not get back into THAT disgusting discussion…

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