Watching House

10 Aug

I don’t often mention my other (paid) blogs on here, but there’s an awesome contest going on that I just couldn’t resist!

The awesome folks at gave me a House Flame Walking Cane to give away! YES! How cool is that! If you want one, just head over to Watching House and check out the competition!

How cool is that – ME, the person who never wins ANYTHING (I’m totally serious here – it’s documented) is giving AWAY something!

Ah well, they always say ’tis better to give then to recieve!

As for today (it should be Friday – the stupid blogger’s reading the date wrong) – today I’m going to be scrambling to finish up some work because 1. I have to go to my grandmother’s house and paint her bedroom (it’s the first time I’ve been in since right after she passed) and 2. my SIL wants to take me out to a bar tomorrow night to see her friend’s band. She NEVER wants to go out…so we’re heading…she’s driving…I’m going to enjoy a few Blue Hawaiians…


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