It’s All Relative

14 Aug

I brought Toad to a birthday party for one of his school friend’s today. He got to see some of his classmates again and even Babygirl had a good time (you didn’t think I was leaving my 6 year old alone at a strangers house, did you?)

I wound up in a corner in deep conversation with a mother of another of his classmates. Her oldest son is Toad’s age, 6, her middle son is Babygirl’s 3, and she has a 16 month old baby daughter. She said that she’d had a rough summer, and I echoed the sentiments.

After talking for about an hour, she told me why her summer had been so rough. She too lost a baby.

When she was 5 months pregnant.

She said that everything was fine, and she then started spotting. She headed to the docs and an ultrasound said that there was no more amneotic fluid. The doctors said she might be fine, but that she’d have to have ultrasounds every week. The next week she went in for an ultrasound and the baby’s heart was no longer beating.

A few days later she delivered her child and gave it a burial.

What I went through is nothing compared to having to actually deliver a child that is no longer living…I can’t even imagine…


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