TV Habits

17 Aug

Ever since Scott and I got a DVR through our satellite provider, I’ve been in love. I can finally watch all of my shows when *I* want to, not when some televsion God decides that it is best shown.

I have many television addictions, from Hell’s Kitchen to an anime called Inu-Yasha that comes on around 1:30 in the morning. I can’t WAIT for House and Nip/Tuck to start, but my summer obsession is Big Brother.

I started watching Big Brother when it first began – I was enthralled by the idea of watching people locked together, in a house, with no phone, television or contact with the outside world. I knew that you’d FINALLY see people being real, and all of the fake acts would drop as the place would implode.

I was never wrong.

Unfortunately it started getting predictable…until a few seasons ago. I loved when they had the twins on, and I loved the All-Star one. However…NOTHING has been able to top this season.

Not only do we have a person in the house that HAS to vote the way America chooses (I love Eric), BUT we have Evel Dick! What’s better than Evel Dick?!?! (Although his daughter needs to stop whining…she’s getting on my nerves…and she is SO anorexic! EAT WOMAN!)

If I had regular internet, I’d probably purchase the feeds, but with the satellite internet, I can’t, so I’m forced to scround around online and watch the television shows. And last night? Last night was AWESOME!!

Buh Bye Dustin! NEVER put yourself up as a pawn, whether it’s real life or in the BB house…it never works.

Even sadder, though, is that I’m totally stoked for THIS to play tonight:

Yeah – I told you before, I’m a 12 year old in a 27…err…wait…dammit, 28 year old’s body.

Scott will be in the bedroom, watching his wresling and ignoring the squeals that come from the living room…

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