20 Aug

Tomorrow Babygirl has surgery.


I’ve been trying to avoid discussing or thinking about it for the simple fact that:


I know that the hospital is great, and so are the doctors, nurses and anesthesologist, but there’s something about having your 3 year old go under anesthesia that makes a mom nervous…ya know?!

She’s having her tonsils out, in case anyone missed it, and her adnoids if they are too large. She’s going in Tuesday morning at 7 am. I DID learn that, fortunately, they don’t put the IV in until after they’ve knocked her out, which makes me feel really good, but how to explain to your 3 year old that she’s going to go to sleep and wake up hurting?!

My stomach’s upset just thinking about it…

I’m sure everything will be fine…I’m sure we’ll all be home a few hours later eating popsicles and ice cream, but it’s nervewracking, that’s for sure. It was easier when Toad was only a month old because his condition was life-threatening…so it’s Babygirl’s (her tonsils are large enough that they’re TOUCHING), but why do I feel like a mom putting her child in the line of danger?!


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