21 Aug

We’re back from the hospital – uuuuunnnnggghhh

Everything was fine when they knocked her out (fine for her, I was freakin’), but when she came out of if..holy christ…

The anesthesologist came out and told me that she was up and was a bit…”frantic”. Turns out that term out of an anesthesologist means that your daughter is being held by a very large nurse and is kicking, screaming and her jaw is shaking. Yeah – frantic.

I took her and she started wiping her nose with the hand her IV was in (which they didn’t put in until AFTER she was knocked out). She went from me to Scott and her IV fell out…peachy.

She finally calmed down (I swear the IV was making her upest) and would wake up every few minutes crying about going home, or about the bandaid on her hand. An hour or so later, we headed home.

She’s sitting in the recliner next to me – I made up the couch bed, but so far she hasn’t wanted it. Nice. I’m going to make Scott give her the hydrocodone in a bit…I’d rather her be drugged for a few days than in pain.

*sigh* Long, LONG day…


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