Feeling Better

23 Aug

Babygirl woke up this morning, asked for her apple juice and…Ice cream.

You think she’s getting the hang of this “pull it for all it’s worth” thing? So what did I do? What any good parent did…gave her Ice Cream and made Toad watch her eat it while he had Eggos…*sigh*

School started yesterday, and he’s stoked to be in first grade. Take a wild guess how many kids he has in his class? 7. There are SEVEN children in first grade. At least I know he’s getting plenty of individual attention! He came home yesterday and remarked that EVERYBODY had a new backpack…”except me”. He didn’t seem sad about it, just stated it matter-of-factly.

I informed him that he DOES have a new backpack, regardless of what his father said. Scott didn’t want to get him a new backpack. Scott grew up in a very large family where they made due with what they had and you just didn’t GET new back packs unless your old one was falling apart and duck tape wouldn’t hold it together anymore. I ALWAYS got a new back pack – every year (except in high school). So, ignoring Scott, I went onto Ebay and ordered a Mario backpack JUST for Toad…from Singapore.

It’ll be a little bit before it gets here…

I couldn’t, however, talk him into a new lunch box for Toad.

Wait…I’ve got some money sitting in PayPal…I think it’s time I go Ebay shopping again 🙂

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