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25 Aug

I have to get off the computer and clean my house.

Why, you ask?

Well, it’s not because it’s a disaster area due to taking care of Babygirl all week…it’s not because I’m going out on a hot date with my husband and I want it to look spiffy for the babysitter…(don’t I wish)

It’s because at 4 p.m., my sisters and their families will be invading my home.

Hang on…I’m an only child…how do I have sisters?

Let me explain, Watson.

My mother and sperm-donor divorced when I was 16 months old. She moved to Florida and then returned to Vermont (THANK GOD – I can barely handle the humidity here!). She dated some asshats before finally finding THE ONE (even though they fight constantly). THE ONE came into our lives when I was in fourth grade, and he had a bit of history, in the form of three daughters. K1 was over eight years older than me, K2 was seven years older than me, and K3 was a year or so older than me.

A single child’s dream – SIBLINGS!

Of course, two of the siblings were already out of school, but the younger one and I could be the best of friends! We’d do EVERYTHING together! We’d wear each other’s clothes and talk about boys and enjoy the time, every other weekend, when she’d be with us.

Fairy tales give you unrealistic expectations. Or maybe I should’ve looked to Cinderella for inspiration instead of the Little Mermaid. K3 arrived and we didn’t exactly hit it off. K3 has a slight personality problem: she has no backbone. Seriously! As a girl it created a shy creature that couldn’t even eat in public due to “nerves”, and as a woman it means that she only has a backbone when her significant other says she can…which is annoying, since he’s a total asshat.

We all got along…a bit…until a few years ago. Quite a few years ago, K2 has some…indescretions. It led to her having more children, this time having children (she already had quite a few) out of wedlock with a married man. In a small town like where we live, EVERYTHING comes back to you, which meant that all the stuff she was doing was coming back on us. I, being the bigmouth that I am, made it well-known that I disapproved of what she was doing. I have few morals, but sleeping with a married person crosses even one of MY lines…and having children by that person…INTENTIONALLY, is even worse (especially when she didn’t take great care of the ones she already had). K3 and K1 found out about how I felt and K3 and her boyfriend went off on me.

At my mom’s house…

Good times…good memories…wonderful family memories…uh huh.

So a huge blowout occured in which I got ganged up on and that’s the last time we spent any time together.

Until today.

Step-papa has been feeling guilty because my mom sees me and spends time with the kids, when he doesn’t see his grandkids often (they live further away). He talked about having everyone over at their small house a few weeks ago. I laughed and reminded him that it’d be a tight fit for all 20 people to fit into their house, and offered my OWN house (which is much larger) instead.

Apparently I snorted crack earlier that morning and completely forgot about it.

So today K1,2 and 3 are coming here with their families, meaning I have to clean the house, make it presentable, and resist the urge to open my big fat mouth and tell them what I REALLY think (I can really only handle one out of the three…)


Soemtimes being a good daughter is even harder than being a good parent…


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